Santander Bank Polska is looking for HR solutions

Santander Bank Polska is looking for HR solutions

Our partner Santander Bank Polska is looking for startups that will facilitate the bank's recruitment processes. The bank is primarily looking for solutions in the fields of:

- automation of mass recruitment processes, which frequency and number is high (e.g. customer advisor); automation in the field of e.g. interview, video-interview, case studies etc.

- pre-selection of candidates - shortening the recruitment process, selecting the most qualitative candidates, giving them an indicator that helps the recruiter to select people for further interviews,

- introducing the algorithm in the CV analysis, candidates' answers as part of preselection questions,

- a tool that tests soft predispositions, soft skills, meeting the "entry criteria",

- recruitment marketing: automating the promotion of advertisements, identifying suitable places to reach passive candidates.

- supporting the process of reaching candidates - matching candidates to job offers, an algorithm that directs the offer to the candidate based on experience,

- verification of technical skills of candidates - both by technical and non-tech persons,

- "knowledge sample" - checking knowledge "input" in an automated manner.



  1. Recruitment is open until 31st of January (Sunday; 23:59 CET)
  2. Evaluation and selection of startup will be concluded by 5th of February, including startup pitches
  3. Only 1 startup in total may be selected in the extra recruitment for all challenges
  4. Only startups meeting the challenge will be evaluated
  5. Benefits:
  • Up to PLN 200,000 equity-free funding (~43 000 EUR)
  • 100+ hours of consulting with outstanding market experts
  • Proof of Concept with our Partner
  • Extensive investment, numerous networking and business  development opportunities.


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