Nu Delta

What problem does this startup solve?

Nu Delta solves the problem of tedious data entry - with Nu Delta paper becomes a thing of the past. Accounting invoices, transcribing balance sheets, bills and losses, or verifying insurance policies has never been so easy. With our solution, you'll forget about manually entering all your paper information into your computer software.

What are the most important features of the product?

The most valuable feature of our solution is the use of artificial intelligence that "reads and understands" documents. We have a novel approach to reading data from a document, our algorithms read like a human being, understand the meaning of the content on a piece of paper, thanks to this universality we are able to easily read and interpret the content of any documents such as invoices, insurance policies, income statements, balances, all ID documents, PIT forms, contracts, and many more. The possibilities of our company are unlimited.


ul. Mokotowska 1, "Business Link"
00-640 Warszawa

REGON: 380056842
NIP: 7010820398



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