AccelBox is a proprietary acceleration program fitting the venture building trend.

We appreciate your business ideas.

We help you achieve commercial success while implementing projects that are important for the economy and society.

Solve real public problems

You can implement your product within a public institution

Obtain financial support and mentoring constantly throughout the acceleration process

We will help you develop your idea into an MVP

Gain access to technical and organizational facilities

Get a full-time job and salary

We invite

Founders, single experts or teams

Pre-seed stage projects

An idea is all you need to apply

A registered company is not required











Comprehensive Support

Within 6-8 months, we will help you build an MVP, test the product in a public partner environment and successfully enter the market. What's more, you get a full-time job salary working on your business at AccelBox!

Opportunity to Cooperate with Public Partners

We offer the opportunity to use your partner's infrastructure and conduct product testing and prepare for commercialization. Fruitful cooperation during MVP testing is an opportunity for the public partner to become your first client.

Support after Completing the Acceleration Program

We strive for real commercial success. We offer help in business development also after the end of financing. We are open to helping you find clients, support sales of your products and services, or obtain another round of financing

The Ability to Solve Significant Socio-economic Problems

AccelBox helps you develop your business and truly impact the world around you. Achieve satisfaction for doing something that matters for humanity and the natural environment, and at the same time successfully commercialize your product


Start of a new round

Fourth quater of 2019

Acceleration round

Up to 8 months of preparation your product for commercialization. Develop, test and implement your product on a public partner’s infrastructure.


Pick one real problem from the list and build a solution! Next round: Q4 2019

Blue Medica

Telemedicine solutions that enable conducting non-clinical oral cavity tests at the office, school, home - without requiring a patient visiting the medical facility, with the option of sending this data electronically to the clinic.

Blue Medica

A a client / patient sorting service that allows reducing medical service costs by converting some patients from real-world specialist centers to virtual telemedical services, reducing the costs of patient service through use of artificial intelligence and the medical platform.

KM Płock

A solution enabling contextual purchasing of public transport tickets via a mobile app and accessing passenger information using the same app to reduce consumption of environmentally unfriendly paper-based transport tickets and increasing the number of passengers choosing public transport, reducing urban pollution.

Capital City of Warsaw

Development of software supporting management of distributed teams working remotely and caring for children, along with an extensive logistics module related to shopping and secure data storage.

Capital City of Warsaw

Creating solutions that ensure improving safety of Warsaw seniors in homes and monitoring the quality  of care services

Capital City of Warsaw

Applying numerical data related to social policies to present to the general public to increase the effectiveness of preventive programs implemented.

Łódź Municipal Health Care Center for Therapy and Prophylactics

Support for the treatment of alcohol dependence using new technologies.

Municipality of Stawiguda

Air quality monitoring system and identification of polluters.

Municipality of Mietków

Prevention of common bacterial infections of the feet. Development and creation of a preventive device to prevent bacterial infections.

Wyszków Independent Public  Health Care Complex

An intelligent personnel and payroll information management system (e-Portal), cooperation with KlP and ST systems.


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